What is the wild card project band? 


How did the wild card project come about?

We collaborate with many talented musicians and vocalists in NYC and around the world. There are many incredibly talented Broadway performers, touring performers and other entertainers working on projects. We meet a lot of talent that cannot make a full commitment in one of our bands and instead ask to be placed on our sub list. Because our subs are trained and versed in our bands song lists this makes our subs fully equipped to perform at our high level of entertainment.

Part of our mission statement is supporting our artists and entertainers. If we have available talented people why not use them? The Wild Card Project Band is just that. You give us the job of putting together your band with the musicians and vocalists from our sub list. After all, we created, cast and trained the other projects/bands at The Band Method! Our brand is incredibly important to us and we only hire the best talent, that includes our subs.

How it works?

  1. Tell us your wedding date

  2. Tell us how many pieces you’d like (a minimum of 5)

  3. Send us your music requests

  4. We book your band members depending on who is available and who fits together based on your music requests

  5. We hire one of our experienced band leaders to make sure it all comes together perfectly!

  6. The band for your wedding rehearses two weeks prior to your event

Everything else is the same, same contract, same deposit, same communication


The great thing about The Wild Card Project is that you don’t know who you are going to get! I know…scary? Not really. It’s our reputation that’s on the line and we only hire the best. How about a Broadway performer? Or a singer who was on The Voice? These people are on our sub list and if they are available they will be at your wedding or event. This band is for our clients who trust us and our brand, as well, The Wild Card Project is priced at a lower price point. Our clients who have booked The Wild Card Project have been completely happy and surprised at the talent level.

Feel free to let us know if you have additional questions… why not go wild?