about us

The Band Method brand was established in 2009 in Chicago, before making its way to New York City.  Our founders are a group of collective artists who are working musicians and performers themselves and have been in the entertainment business for a decade working nationally and internationally.  

The idea for the company was created in an apartment, in Wicker Park, after a lengthy musician and friends discussion about performing "cover songs".  As most artists have a dream of writing their own music, most still have a passion for singing songs that were written by other artists as well.  We just needed to find an outlet to express this passion. So, we created cover bands and started playing small venues around Chicago and New York City and eventually private events.  This lead to an even bigger idea...The Band Method.  

Our founder, Andrea Smith is a former Broadway performer. However she still auditions and performs on TV and Film projects. It’s important to Andrea’s mission, “established professional entertainers meets affordable entertainment”. Andrea personally trains and rehearses every singer, musician and sound engineer at The Band Method as she believes the brand of the company must be the priority. We think of music as part science part creative. This is why we call ourselves, "The Band Method".  What songs get people excited? What drum beat makes the energy infectious?  Can we discover new ways to play old school tunes?  There's a formula to this creative endeavor.  We decided to call our groups or bands, "projects" because we believe the work and creativity should always be flowing!  We are constantly collaborating, constantly growing and working to improve our product.  Our projects keep us creating.


  • Our projects (a.k.a bands/groups) strive to be the best with regard to performance, musicality, energy and charisma.

  • We do it for LOVE! We've worked on TV shows, toured with headliners, acted in major film's, performed on Broadway, and much much more. We are choosing to be here celebrating with you!

  • Our musicians and singers strive to "make the songs their own" and still sound like the recordings. This keeps the music fresh and interesting.

  • Don't see your favorite song on our song list? Not to worry we'll learn it!!

  • We are ALL about engaging the crowd, if you don't mind of course… Soul Train line anyone???

  Stylized Entertainment

  • Smaller projects: Trio's and Duo's for ceremony, cocktail hour, and intimate events.

  • Themed or unique projects, styled to fit your event.

  • Costume changes and or designed wardrobe

  • Music selections designed and planned around your style.

  • Our projects have that "New York City" edge that's not for show, its just our personalities shinning through!

  • Would you like to add horns? How about a singer who sings in Spanish? Percussionist? Violins? Just let us know what you want!

  • If we don't have a project to fit your need, we can tell you how to find it. We like to refer other artists. We'll just connect you to our other artist friends!


  • Band members arrive on time and dressed appropriately.

  • We follow specific song lists designed by you.

  • Our sound and production teams are flexible, as many changes can occur the day of your event.

  • Our band area looks tidy, clean and organized.

  • Our sound team and equipment are high quality for example, all of our singers have wireless microphones provided by our sound team.

  • We all arrive at your event on time and looking professional.

  • Most of our groups rehearse weekly and keep up to date on current music.

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