Can some of the band members play for my Ceremony and or Cocktail Hour?

Of course.  We recommend smaller configurations such as Keys for Ceremony or Bass, Drum and a Horn perhaps for Cocktail Hour.  We can work with you and help you figure out the best configurations based on the type of music you prefer.  If you'd like to add additional musicians, for example, Violins the Ceremony, or a Percussionist for Cocktail Hour we can arrange that as well.   This can all be possible for a small fee!


What is the pricing for the bands?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there are many variables, such as location, time, the number of band members, date, etc etc.  

Please contact us for specific pricing questions!


Can I subtract band members?

Unfortunately, we cannot subtract band members as we cannot guarantee the high level of performance if any of the core band members are missing. However, you are more than welcome to add musicians or singers!!   


How do I reserve a date before it books up?

Once we figure out your exact configuration including extras (like Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and or additional musicians) we'll draw up a contract.  At the time of the contract signing, a 25% deposit is due.  One week prior to your event the full balance is due by check.   This insures your date will be saved.  Dates do book up fast!


Do the bands play the Hora?

Yes, we do know the Hora!!  Its REALLY fun!!


Can we see the band live?

Because these bands are priced so affordably, showcasing regularly is simply not in our budgets as we would have to hire all the band members for the showcases.  We understand, it makes you feel much more comfortable to see the band live before booking.  But just remember that's why we shot our videos LIVE!!  We are happy to send you recommendations from previous clients or feel free to check out our Knot reviews.

Also many of our musicians and vocalists play around NYC and beyond.  We are all working artists.  Please click on our Facebook page and check out some of our artists shows.  Note: These performances are NOT The Band Method organized performances.  These performances are usually solo projects/our artists performing in other bands.

Many people ask us about LIVE FOOTAGE, our clients ask us to respect their privacy so live footage is not possible.  Even if we were allowed to take live footage it wouldn't be a great representation as the footage is taken from our phones which doesn't provide the best sound quality.


Is sound included in the band price?

Yes, sound is included in the band fee for 300 or less guests. Contractually, we only provide sound in ONE room.  That means if the reception (4 hours, dinner and dancing) is in one room you'll be all set, but if the reception (4 hours, dinner and dancing) is in two separate rooms there will be an additional sound fee for another system if you choose to use our system.

We hire the BEST sound team as sound can make or break the bands performance and the overall success of the event.  This is something that sets us apart from most bands as some companies require the band members to provide the sound. We prefer that our professional musicians and vocalists focus on entertaining you and your guests, not setting up the sound system. 

Sound includes: 2 men to load in the sound system, speakers or a PA system, mixer, monitors for the band, amps for the band, drum kit, wires, an onsite sound technician for 4 hours and microphones (you can use our microphones for speeches).


How many songs does the band usually play in one night?

This all depends on timing.  But generally in 4 hours we can get through 50-60 songs.


Can you help us with the timeline of the reception?

Of course, we know timelines ALL too well!!  We can help you maximize the band's playing time, after all its MOST important :)


Who is the master of ceremonies the day of the event?

The band leader or one of the vocalists will MC your event.  Feel free to give us a script and we'll say exactly what you'd like!  We'll discuss this during our phone meeting as well as all the wedding music and other details. 


What if I don't see a song on the song list but I want it to be played at my event?

Each band can learn up to 5 new songs per week, or per event.  As we would love to learn more songs, we would rather be really great at 5 songs!


Should we plan on tipping the band members?

Tipping is always greatly appreciated!!!


Do I have to provide bands meals?

We found this on another website and we agree!!

"It's a question that's been asked by many a client: Do we have to feed the band, what do we feed them and why should we feed them? As an agency we understand both the band, client and caterers point of view. Some bands ask for food to be provided by the client as part of their Ryder whilst many bands are content with the evening buffet. So what's the etiquette you may ask?

It's generally accepted that the client provide the band with a meal prior to the gig or during the gig. The caterer will probably be more than familiar with the situation and often offer a cheaper solution for suppliers meals. After all, the band doesn't expect a fine cut of medium-rare fillet steak, just a hot meal to keep them going.

From the bands point of view, they'll often depart for the gig at around 3pm and find themselves on the road all day. An hour or so waiting for the speeches to finish, another hour setting up and before you know it, it's 8pm and we've got a very hungry group of musicians. The last thing a band wants at this point is to leave the venue in search of food. If I could say one last thing on the subject it's that a well-fed musician is a happy musician and a happy musician is exactly what you want for a great party."


What do the band members wear?

Great question.  We prefer the color black as it discretely blends in with any decor.  Depending on the type of event (formal, semi formal, indoor, outdoor, party vibe) However, if you have specific colors or costumes you'd like us to wear than we can try and make it happen!  Check out our video's to see for yourself.  Below we've listed and given you examples of the standard attire.

The Musicians Attire: Black suits, white collar shirts, black shoes and a skinny black or gray tie.


The Male Vocalists: They have their own "style", but still within the black suit, white shirt category. 


The Female Vocalist: The ladies always match!  They usually begin in long formal black dresses and change into a short black or silver sequin dress for the major dancing section of the evening.


Additional Questions and Comments?  Please contact us.