Additional Videos

The East river project band- 7 Members

  • 1 Male Singers

  • 2 Female Singers

  • Keyboard

  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Guitar

option to add

  • Vocalists

  • Sax

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone

  • Violin

  • Percussion

The East River Project has performed all around the USA, From Napa to New York City. The band members first met when attending Berklee School of Music in Boston and connected in New York City with two Broadway/Recording Artists with powerhouse vocals in 2013.

The East River Project, or ERP members have worked professionally all around the world. One of its members made it to the Semi Finals on American Idol. What makes ERP special is the ability to belt out powerful tunes while entertaining all at the same time

The East River Project video was shot in a live studio audience. This was a “new idea/take” on a video project. We hope you are able to watch our videos and feel like you are there with us! Most bands shoot videos like a music video, lip-synching during the actual video recording and recording the vocals in a studio separately. ERP rehearses weekly and occasionally showcases in New York City, where the band members reside.